Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where to spent your money when inflation rate rocketing to 20% but the Gomen say 7% only.PART 3.

Previous same topic, Part 1, Part 2,
Then Part 3,
If u happen 2 b in Danau Kota Area, there are still a good offer u must grab!!!
It’s a happy hour for Bakeri Pistachios where dey sell all their bread minus 20% discount.
Wow that’s a huge relief 4 all of us who is sick with the petrol price of RM2.70.

But a limited time period only from 9pm to 10.30pm.
Picture below is the façade of Pistachio Bakery.

But where is the location?
Map of Pistachio Bakery.
Basically its located in a row with 7E Danau Kota, KK Mart next to Klinik Danau Kota.

For those up u who want 2 go 2 “Up Town” Danau Kota why not grab a bite from them. Honestly their bread is better than Roti Boy, Bread Talk, Bread Story or bla bla Bread.

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