Monday, July 21, 2008

What is International Labour Organisation (ILO

We should b proud
when one of our MEF guy being elected as Deputy Member of ILO Governing Body. Photobucket
Kudos to him.
On 2 June 2008. That’s something to cheer about when our country in amid of recession & political blurp.

D Governing Body is composed of 56 regular members (28 Governments, 14 Employers & 14 Workers) & 66 deputy members (28 Governments, 19 Employers & 19 Workers). D other Government members, & d worker & employer members, are elected by d ILC every three years. Read more at International Labour Organisation

Ok frens,
I’ll leave u w most watchable Video at YouTube
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Permintaan Terakhir, Nyanyian dari Penjara

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