Thursday, July 17, 2008

Look at yourself and think "Are You Negative?"

Did u know dat over 80% of the conversation u hear around u is negative?
complaining, mostly those who work in office know this lingo.
whining, or so called reverse psychology
traffic, d best excuse for late appointment.
illness, arggh I need 2 c d panel Doctor.
weather, u can’t blame on global impact as we never recycle.
the "news," talk of the town Anwar Ibrahim.
gossip, I can’t list all, u name it…
sarcasm, d boss loor.
self-deprecation, dangerous too, get a frens, facebook a lot.

Most people don't talk about d past in order 2 learn from it,
dey simply rehash it 4 d sake of easy conversation.
But d past is negative.
Because unless u are talking about d past 4 d purpose of learning from it,
it is entirely unproductive.

When u have goals as big & audacious as d goals u have,
u do not have time 2 b unproductive.
being positive doesn't mean happy, happy, joy, joy.

My Positive Conversation Starters:
  • What are u most looking forward 2 in d next week?
  • What will u do differently next month 2 increase yr success?
  • What do u do 4 fun?What would yr ideal vacation look like?
  • What conversation would u like 2 have w your child? yr spouse?
    When do u plan 2 have it?

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