Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Marina Mahathir said in the STAR?

today i'll blog a bit different from norm.

as most malaysian is expecting a high inflation rate 4.8 to 5% (which claimed by "gomen punya orang")
u can use my calculation for inflation rate via microsoft powerpoint
click here to download
it will result in a shocking figure!!!

we should analyze what Marina Mahathir said
click here to read more on point no 9
"9. Once a week (or more), have ministers use public transport so they know what everyone else has to suffer. This might provide them with the incentive to improve them."
dats a good suggestion but I believe it will be flush 2 d drain by those "orang penting gomen"

so today I'll like to contribute my dedication to P.Ramlee and all Hot Cat friends wherever you are..


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layan P.Ramlee release sikit aper2 tension ..

Scene from Seniman Bujang Lapok

Photobucket Director Ahmad Nispu mengamuk click here to download
Photobucket Kelepak jatuh kemuka director ahmad nispu click here to download

Photobucket kuswadinata famous "next change" seniman b lapokclick here to download
Photobucket Seniman bjg lapok Sudin ahli nujumclick here to download

Scene from Pendekar Bujang Lapok
Photobucket Pak abu pendekar bujang lapokclick here to download
Photobucket Pendekar go 2 school ringclick here to download

next week we will look at

see image below

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