Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What do your HR did in controlling Leave applications?

Usually d method of monitoring and controlling leave applications is 2 do them manually with perhaps a spreadsheet program (usually Excel loor) to assist the company.

However, if d number of employees should reach a critical size (550 staffs above), diz manual method may not b useful 2 d Leave Administrator.
Then your company will invest in a dedicated Leave Management (Kaizen, etc) system that can help them track leave seamlessly from application to approval.
Having a Leave Management solution alone, however, will not solve any practical issue dat may arise.

It is important that your Company should:
1. have firmed up their policy on leave applications,
2. have the policy documented
3. and then tailor the software to work according to the Company policy not vice versus. (which I think it’s usually work other way around, why? since most of the user-friendly system cost "big money") Administrative practices will vary from company to company.

Some companies monitor and control their employees leave applications at the Human Resource level, while some others leave it to each department’s manager or the employee immediate supervisor to do so.

Regardless of the practice,

To Summarize
Most human resource practitioners agree that d responsibility of managing employees own leave applications should be left to the employee himself.
But in order to avoid any misunderstanding or issue that may arise,
it is important that all staff be informed in advance of the company Leave Policy.

Diz is advisable on her/his 1st day of work where a short orientation is 2 b conducted. A proper documentation is vitally needed in diz process. Having done that, he should be answerable to any abuse of this benefit.

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