Monday, June 30, 2008

Do employers have the right to deny the medical expenses incurred during confinement related to maternity, including abortion or miscarriage?

Employment Act 1955 does not cover any of d above-mention matter, it will all depend on d practice at your company.

D best guideline 2 refer will be d terms & conditions of appointment, the employee handbook or any policy issued by your company.
It is quite safe 2 say dat most companies do not cover such medical expenses incurred during confinement, miscarriages and abortions.
Even insurance policies purchased by companies do not normally cover them.

Most of it cover prolog illness(kesakitan berpanjanga) and death (on the way 2 work or vice versus)

At most, companies will only recognise d medical certificates that are issued by medical practioner.(Bomoh & chinese physician not certifeid loor)

Also, for those few companies that do allow such claims, only the claims for treatment from d government hospitals are normally accepted.

But 2 some HR practitioners, sometimes d voice of reason creeps in.

A normal successful labour is stressful by itself and d woman who has undergone a miscarriage or abortion is similarly traumatised, both mentally and physically.

It is indeed d odd employer that will not empathize with d person.

There are some human resource practitioners who will recommend that companies should treat such medical expenses on a case-by-case basis or we always call it "ad-hoc basis".

To summarize...

After all, they reason, do miscarriages happen so often? If it is not about medical expenses, what reasons could your company have for not assisting an employee that’s affected psychologically? It is a serious moral issue to consider.

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