Monday, January 5, 2009

How to download video from YouTube

Its been quit a while x post here, he3, stuck in Facebook world.

kadang2 tu kita tengok video dari YouTube, best, menarik, teruja dan lain2.

so camner nak download??

mula2 u've to download software (YouTube Downloader) dari altavista.(click here to download)

for me diz is d best, but why?? dia budle up w converter for Photobucket
  1. mp4

  2. Quicktime

  3. mp3

  4. PSP

  5. 3gp

  6. WMV

  7. AVI

semua format2 for your mobility enjoyment bundle up together.

so after u had install just copy & paste Youtube URL link:Photobucket

& d best part ITS Free (typical Malaysian)

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